A Journey Always has a Beginning

A journey may not always have an end in sight or a destination named but it always has a beginning. It has the moment in time when you are either forced to start or choose to start, but you begin.

Venturing Free has been a project we have held close to our heart and not wanted to share afraid that it is not ready yet. Titled “An Empowerment Journey”, I came to the realization there will never be empowerment if the journey never begins. And the journey will never happen if we never take the steps, the risk, to begin.

We can hold the dream within our hearts and minds for our entire lifetime never realizing the dream and taking it with us to eternity. What good would that dream have been? What good would that dream have had on the world but if only to remain hidden in our hearts?

So, it is in this moment that we step out determined that despite failure or success we will begin the journey. We will take the risk to form this community to commit to explore how taking risks leads to freeing empowerment and a journey worth taking.

Join us on our journey as we pursue #venturingfree

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